What is the time commitment?


We'll be blunt—being on NSAC is a hefty time commitment, and we expect it to be one of your first priorities. In the fall and spring NSAC will be a 3 credit class on Tuesday night from 7-10pm. Beyond that you will have another department meeting, and the ocational research event. Actual work load will depend on the time of year for each department through the advertising cycle. And, heads up: NSAC members are expected to be on here for Interterm!


That being said, many students are still able to balance NSAC with Greek Life and other organizations. If you prefer being in few high-involvement organizations as opposed to many low-involvement organizations, NSAC is for you. Think carefully about this before you apply; you truly get out of it what you put into it! And if you put a lot into it, we promise you an incredibly fun, valuable experience like no other.

Does it matter that I'm not a PR/Ad major? 


Not at all, we welcome all majors! The perspectives you get from your other coursework are an advantage.

Do I need a lot of experience to get on the team? 

No and yes. We take into account your class-standing; if you’re a freshman, we don’t expect you to have much advertising experience at all, but rather talent or a cool perspective! If you’re a senior, we want to see how you've grown and sharpened your expertise over the past three years.

How is the actual NSAC competition structured? 

  • Our national client will provide all NSAC teams with a brief, typically containing the challenges, objectives, a target audience, a budget, and brand information.

  • The American Advertising Federation will ask us to present our campaign in a plan book, typically due in March.

  • In April, we will present our campaign in a 20-minute pitch at a district competition, where we compete with Southern California and Nevada colleges.

  • If we place first in our district, we will proceed to a video conference semi-final round.

  • The top 8 teams selected from the semi-finals will proceed to the national competition in June.


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